Chimp Spanner – Mӧbius, Pt. I

Here’s a new video cover of “Mӧbius, Pt. I” by Chimp Spanner.  This song is on their 2012 EP All Roads Lead Here.  This whole EP is great, but this song in particular stands out to me.  I had a blast covering it.  I hope you enjoy!

Check out the drum transcription here or on my transcriptions page.

Warming Up: Next Steps

Gatts Drums Warming Up

In my previous post, I discussed the importance of a good warm up.  In a nutshell, warming up primes your mind for performance and reacquaints your body with the movements of drumming.  Although you can get by without warming up before a gig, you’ll have a harder time finding your groove early in your performance and you will be more likely to injure yourself.  Unfortunately, warming up isn’t always the easiest thing to do before a set, especially if you’re not used to doing it.  We drummers already go through a lot of work before each set as it is: we disassemble our drum sets, we pack our gear into the car, we drive it to the venue, then we unpack everything and have to set it all up on stage before we can finally play anything.  To most people, this would already qualify as a warm up in and of itself.  Nonetheless, we should still take the time to warm up properly before we play.

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Warming Up: Priming Yourself to Perform

Gatts Drums Warming Up

If you have ever performed in front of an audience, you know that there isn’t always time to properly warm up before playing.  This can be especially true when you are performing in a loud, crowded bar as part of a multi-band set.  Often, you’re asked to load your drums into a cramped space at the back of the bar and get out of the way until it’s time to play your set.  Depending on the complexity and speed of your music, this common scenario can promote anxiety, tense playing, and injury – not to mention a poor performance.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that your performance doesn’t suffer because of your situation.  As long as you can get your mind and body in the game, you will always have a chance of playing your best.

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Welcome to Geoff Gatts Drums!  I am Geoff Gatts, a drummer from Columbus, Ohio.  I have been playing for over fifteen years and have been in a variety of bands during that time.  I have been thinking of creating my own drumming website for some time and just recently decided to make it a reality.  On these pages, you will soon find my cover videos, video drum lessons, song transcriptions, and my written thoughts on practicing.  My ultimate goal is for this website to be engaging, inspiring and educational and I welcome your comments along the way.

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