Welcome to the Transcripts page.  Below you can find sheet music for the songs that I perform or discuss.  If you have any songs that you would like transcribed, please let me know.


Animals as Leaders

The Black Keys

Bruno Mars

Children of Bodom

Chimp Spanner

The Faceless

Rival Sons

The HAARP Machine


Planet X


Snare Solos & Etudes

  • The Three Camps – Check out the video page for footage of me playing this classic snare drum solo with my feet using a double bass drum pedal.  This piece is full of five-stroke and nine-stroke rolls and it is a great way to practice double stroke technique.  Stay tuned for more videos of creative double bass drum applications, as well as lessons on developing the double stroke roll with the feet.
  • The Three Camps – Hands w Sticking – This is an alternate transcription of The Three Camps that includes a common sticking pattern that many people use when playing this piece.  Although it is written with a right hand lead, I recommend practicing the piece beginning with both the right and left hands.
  • The Three Camps – Feet w Sticking – This might be overkill, but this transcription shows a possible sticking arrangement for this piece when applied to the feet.  Again, it is written with a right foot lead, but I recommend practicing leading with the right and left feet.


5 thoughts on “Transcriptions

  1. Thanks so much! Sorry I did miss your note on the transcription but your explanation completely clears it up. The reason this is so exciting to me is because I learned this RLLRRL, repeat patern randomly and have been struggling to do it well and apply it … when I came across this on youtube (snare drum version and ur foot version) I was thinking, hey that’s the
    pattern … my issue is in getting the left hand triplt diddle to be uniform with the right diddle … please let me know if you have any suggestions … I am noticing at this pint how critical good stick holding, finger and sriking techniue is to play something like this well.

    1. Hi Stickylicks – I added two new versions of The Three Camps on the Transcriptions page. One is an alternate version for the hands and the other is for the feet. Hopefully these will help clear up the traditional sticking pattern. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for covering “The Three Camps” … as soon as I discovered it, I thought about doing it with the feet. Your description above talks about five-stroke, nine-stroke and double strokes, yet the transcription appears to be straight triplets with no sticking notated. It is quite possible I don’t know how to read it I should note. Would it be possibe to point out sticking and where the 5 and 9 stroke rolls are occurring?

    1. Thanks for the question, Stickylicks. This is a pretty bare-bones transcription of this piece, so I think your question is entirely justified.
      As I have the piece notated here, the “slash” on each note stem is meant to indicate a double-bounced stroke at twice the note-rate of the note to which it is attached. So, although you see a bunch of repetitive 8th note triplets, the notes with slashes should be played as sixteenth notes at twice the rate of the 8th note triplets.
      With that in mind, the first measure can also be thought of like this: R_LLRR L_RRLL R_LLRR LLRRLL. Another way to think of it is that you play an accented right stroke, plus a five-stroke roll leading with your left hand, then another five-stroke roll leading with your right hand, plus an eleven-stroke roll that concludes on the first stroke of the second measure.
      9-stroke rolls are present during the 3rd Camp. For example, the first measure of the third camp can also be written as follows (assuming a right hand lead): R_LLRR LLRRL_ R_LLRR LLRRL_. You can think of this as an accented right stroke, plus a left-handed 9-stroke roll, plus another accented right stroke, plus another left-handed 9-stroke roll. These kinds of rolls pop up all over the place.
      Anyway, I hope this answer helps! If not, please let me know. I have seen this piece written in straight 16th notes and in triplet form, so there seems to be a lot of variation out there! I am happy to post an alternate version of this transcription with the sticking written out. Please check back soon for an update! Thanks!

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