The Weeknd – As You Are Drum Cover

This is one of my favorite songs from The Weeknd’s 2015 album, Beauty Behind the Madness.  It’s so chill, groovy and delicate.  I was feeling inspired, so I sat down and recorded this song without much preparation.  The drums are minimal in the original track, so I simply decided to play what I felt like.  For that reason, it’s a bit more drum-centric than the original and I took the opportunity to throw in some extra fills and stick tricks.  Unfortunately, YouTube took down my original video due to copyright infringement, but the drums sound so good that I couldn’t waste the footage.  For that reason, this is the “drums only” video.  I hope you enjoy.
In this video I’m using CAD Touring 7 drum mics, with the exception of an Audix D6 on the bass drum and an Audix D5 on the Snare.  I’m using a custom drum set made of maple Keller drum shells with Pearl lugs and rims. I worked with the maestros at Columbus Pro Percussion in Columbus, Ohio to build it.  For cymbals, I’m using a pair of 14″ Meinl Byzance Dark Hats, a Meinl 16″ Byzance Medium Crash on my left, a Meinl 18″ Benny Greb Signature Byzance Sand Medium Crash on my right, and a 21″ Meinl Byzance Dark Ride.

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